Sun Audio Purified 4 loudspeakers, Bloodwood & Purifi PTT4.0X04-NAC-04 + BlieSMa T34B-4.

Purified 4 launch!

After years of development we are finally going to launch our first loudspeaker system! If you are looking for a crossoverless loudspeaker system to drive with your own amplifiers and DSP crossover, this might be your solution.

  • Modular system
  • PURIFI 4-inch drivers
  • BlieSMa 25 or 34 mm drivers
  • Various finishing options

Some extra images.


Purifi PTT4.0X04-NLC-02
Purifi PTT4.0X04-NAC-04
Purifi PTT4.0M04-NLC-02
Purifi PTT4.0M04-NAC-04
Purifi PTT1.3T04
Bliesma T34A-4
Bliesma T34B-4
Bliesma T25A-6
Bliesma T25S-6
Bliesma T25B-6
Bliesma T25D-6

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