Purified 4 with Purifi PTT4.0X04-NAC-04 and BlieSMA T25A-6 for anechoic measurements

Measurements @ IFAA

Today a series of measurements has been performed with IFAA in Germany.

Results will be published in a few days.


  • Purifi PTT4.0X04-NLC-02
  • Purifi PTT4.0X04-NAC-04
  • BlieSMA T25A-6
  • Bliesma T34A-4
  • Bliesma T34B-4


  • Sensitivity
  • Impedance
  • THD(f) at different levels
  • horizontal directivity horizontal (on-axis and the off-axis measurements)
  • vertical directivity (on-axis and the off-axis measurements)
Purified 4 Studio Black anechoic measurement with Purifi PTT4.0X04-NAC-04 and BlieSMa T25A-6
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